So, it’s already been a month since the big day. I still couldn’t believe that I’m now a wife to this amazing & wonderful person. It may be the same with him now as it is before but even so, I’m looking forward to the days I will be spending with him. More laughter, excitement & challenges waiting to be unravelled. And of course, if God willing, little ones to make us the happiest people on earth. I could almost imagine myself being a mom to two (oh yes, specifically 2) adorable kids. I want to be a full time wife & mother to them. Nothing can compare to what a woman does if she succeeds in both tasks. That being said, I know you might not be able to read this though, but if it happens, here goes my message: through thick & thin, I will stand by you my love & will do as much as I can to be a good wife & hopefully become a loving mother to our children. I love you my forever. Cheers to our wonderful years ahead together! Till the end :)

Then, ta-dah! Here comes the BIG day ;)

Ze preparations 

Highlights from our engagement shoot at a local art gallery :’]


I miss writing blogs (or in this case, sharing what I had in mind!) To start my workday, I have to write something first. It’s been ages since I’ve written my last. Been busy these past few months with work & ehem…well with wedding preps (hoorah for me!) 2 more weeks till the big day! Can’t wait to see how it will pan out. Most especially that I’m excited for our decors (majority are well of course, manually done thus the DIYs hehehe!) The stress, money & the days spent working on these are all worth it! Not to mention the labor of love  (& by this I mean, those people who helped out). Anyway, so now is the right time for me to feel what they call as ‘pre-wedding jitters’. I’m still not feeling it though (good for me then!) Why is it so? Because I promised myself that I’ll just chill & enjoy everything. It’s as if it was only yesterday that we were planning but now, we’re almost done with the preparations (thank heavens for that!) How I’ve hoped that I have the chance to blog it (next time girl…put extra efforts to it lol!) *sigh* I can imagine myself walking down the aisle with the band playing our music. One beautiful bride as my best friend said. This is it! The much-awaited wedding of the year! 

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DIY easel for table numbers & envelope for invitation. These are just some of the DIY items to be used for our wedding. I opted for these since they’re much cheaper & thus creative. Really nice right? 

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