Start of the BER months & I’ve been blabbering about so many things. My apologies. It’s just that I miss blogging & I can’t stop talking about something 😜 anyway, this is what I’ve been doing on the 1st day of September: coloring (which I’m best at, harharhar) while watching Samurai X for the first time. Since I’m still in awe after seeing the 2nd part of the movie, I decided to watch the animated version in YouTube. I’m actually curious if they would really follow through with the story & it seems they haven’t failed the fans’ expectations. Plus, I acquired a crush by watching it hehehe 😚 well, you guessed it right! Takeru Satoh who played Kenshin Himura in the movie. He really got the face, aura & the moves. Can’t wait for their 3rd installment entitled Rurouni Kenshin The Legend Ends which will air on September 13 (Japan) & September 24 (Philippines). See you Takeru! 😏
Devlin feat. Diane Birch - Rewind



* Will be posting one song each day. Happy listening!


Working hard is not an easy task. Normally, many of us don’t get the chance to enjoy our fruits of labor because when we get our salary, majority of the amount goes to paying bills & debts. What I do, I usually allot a small portion for my clothes & pampering allowance. I may not be able to do this often but when I do, I see to it that I won’t compromise my other responsibilities or commitments. So sharing with you what I did & bought last week on my “me” time:

  • PHOTO A-B: 💅 what else is more rewarding but to have your pamper day. Us girls must stay fresh & pretty all the time. We don’t want to be looking haggard when facing people right? Particularly when you’re still looking for that someone in your life. Having your nails done is a perfect start to look fab! Mine, I chose African plum for my nails & boy, were they perfectly done!
  • PHOTO C: 👗 one can never have too many clothes. One of girls’ enjoyment is to shop like there’s no tomorrow. We always want to be in style or look chic. I admit that I’m not much of a brand person however when I buy clothes, I choose not only style but reasonable prices as well. Not to mention the comfortability & suitability. And guilty as I may, I also want to dress to impress most of the time (hehehe ;)
  • PHOTO D: 🌹 who doesn’t want to smell good eh? Perfume is just the bomb! Wearing this all day will give you compliments. Who knows, what might happen in a day. I’m also not into perfumes. But buying cheap ones will do.

There you go! Reward yourself now before all your hard-earned money goes to waste. Just sayin’ lol!💲💰💳💴💵💶💷💸

Something I made using a mobile app. Simple & neat photo collage highlighting moments of our wedding. They’re so nice that I can’t resist posting them here :)

This is my song for now.


Sunday Reflection

No matter how hard life is, we can still find it in our hearts to be positive the best way we know how. This learning comes right after hearing mass with my family. Right at the end of it, there was this group called Livelihood Program (for new released prisoners & their families) who gave a brief introduction by talking about their lives after prison. Their representative spoke of the difficulty they had to go through just to make ends meet. They had to face discrimination & rejection when looking for jobs that they had no choice but to live with it. But whatever dilemma they’ve faced, it didn’t stop them from coming up with an alternative to support their families. Thus, the foundation they now belong to. To maintain their program, they need to ask for donation first & then outside the church, they have this stall wherein they’re selling handicraft goods which they made when they were in prison. I wasn’t able to buy one item from them (as I didn’t have cash with me) but one good thing came from it. It made me contemplate that I’m still blessed with a lot of things. I have my family, a job & few friends with me. I may complain that I get tired most of the times but thinking what these prisoners went through, I appreciate the fact that I’m still fortunate for the life I have. I just need to constantly remind myself & embrace positivity. As what the gospel today teaches us, it doesn’t matter what riches you have & what you’ve achieved in life but how were you able to share what you have with others. So do good deeds & be a blessing to others. Fruitful Sunday to us all! 👪

Hubby suggested to use this collage of my works as calling card. Not bad! Why didn’t I think of that! 😋😛😜😝😅
Just what I needed! A much deserved break from all the hustle & bustle of life. Thank you for the long weekend for I can spend time to unwind & to stop thinking what could have been. I can be as free as a bird. I can care less even for a short while. Probably it’s time to look out for myself. I don’t need to worry about a lot of things. I’ve always minded other people’s business that I usually forget to attend to my needs. It’s tiring too at times. So escaping the city is the most rewarding gift I can give myself. How I wish I can be as far away as possible but this place will do for now. Peace at last! 💆💃💤🙏😴

Bible verses to nourish your body, mind & soul. Always remember that when you feel like it’s the end for you, God will be with you every step of the way. ⛪♰♱

Spotify has what kept me company for several days. At first, I ignored it but as it starts to flood my Facebook’s news feed, particulary posts of people who are using this, I got curious. Until a friend happens to listen to it too that I was encouraged to do the same. And boy, wasn’t I wrong. Spotify is a digital music service which gives you access to millions of songs. You can download it at any device that you have. It isn’t just your typical online music streaming application. You can discover new tunes, make your own playlists & you can have your own followers. You can follow others too & listen to their playlists. You can even do the same thing with your favorite artists. Thus, it’s music for everyone! So, if you love looking for new songs that will complete the soundtrack of your life, install it at your computer, tablet & phone just like me! Let’s get spotified! 😊😆😄😉👌👍🎧🎵🎶🎷🎸🎹🎺🎻


You can never have too much fun when you’re at work unless you’re being silly at times & wants to spice up your already stressful day.

  • Photo A: working on a certain project. Usual day at the office. Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines.
  • Photo B: what to do when you’ve got yourself a balloon? Of course, doodle on it! Make a character. Be creative. Go crazy! And stop being serious because this helps improve your creative juice.
  • Photo C: in order to finish everything on time, must do something to keep your train of thoughts going. What’s that? Have a break, have a cup of coffee & take a picture outside your office window. So you’ll be updated with the comings & goings of people though it’s not your business to know. (✿◠‿◠)


Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough room in my body to contain all the anxiety.

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This is EXACTLY what I’m feeling right now. C’est la vie!



Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough room in my body to contain all the anxiety.

For more of my work visit:

This is EXACTLY what I’m feeling right now. C’est la vie!

So, it’s already been a month since the big day. I still couldn’t believe that I’m now a wife to this amazing & wonderful person. It may be the same with him now as it is before but even so, I’m looking forward to the days I will be spending with him. More laughter, excitement & challenges waiting to be unravelled. And of course, if God willing, little ones to make us the happiest people on earth. I could almost imagine myself being a mom to two (oh yes, specifically 2) adorable kids. I want to be a full time wife & mother to them. Nothing can compare to what a woman does if she succeeds in both tasks. That being said, I know you might not be able to read this though, but if it happens, here goes my message: through thick & thin, I will stand by you my love & will do as much as I can to be a good wife & hopefully become a loving mother to our children. I love you my forever. Cheers to our wonderful years ahead together! Till the end :)

Then, ta-dah! Here comes the BIG day ;)

Ze preparations